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June 13, 2023 4 min read

If you’ve never heard the term “washer for your mouth,” stop and read.
This term describes a Water flosser – a small device that relies on pulsating water to reduce gum disease, remove plaque and keep bacteria away from the teeth. Dentists recommend flossing at least once a day to promote good oral hygiene. But, when it comes to choosing a good water flossing machine for use at home, the task can be tricky since there are various models in the market.
Luckily, we have some of the best water flosser recommendations to help remove plaque from your gum. But, first things first, will water flossers work better than traditional flossing?


Is Water Flosser Better Than String Floss?

When food particles get between the teeth, a regular toothbrush won't be enough to get them out. Traditional floss or water floss helps remove food particles stuck in between the teeth and may turn into a bacteria-harboring ground. Regardless, is traditional flossing really better than water floss?


Water Flosser Vs. Floss

A water flosser removes food debris on the teeth using a pressurized stream of water and air, while traditional flossing employs a string. Many water flosser reviews by real users reveal that water flossers are easier to control and use than string flossing due to the easy pressurized water mechanism. For many people, the fact that water flosser uses water makes cleaning even tricky spots easy, something the string or regular floss won't do.

Research also shows that water flossers remove 29% more debris and plaque than floss. More than this, water flossers are gentle on the gum and work great for people with sensitive gums. Hence, a water flossing machine is more efficient than traditional flossing.


Do Dentists Recommend Water Flossers?

Dentists preach proper oral hygiene to help people avoid serious oral health problems like tooth decay and gingivitis. So, yes, dentists do recommend water flosser usage as an electric water flosser offers this advantage. However, dentists do not recommend home water flossers as a substitute for brushing. Instead, water flossers can replace traditional flossing, especially for people with braces, crown or dental implants. More than this, most dentists opine that technique is key to how you floss.


Water Flossing Reviews by Dentists UK


While water flossing is generally easy, dentists in the UK believe that learning how to use a water flosser will be essential to achieving desirable results. Water flossing tends to be tricky to learn at first, especially when it involves figuring out the right pressure levels to use on your teeth. For this reason, one water flosser advice they often offer beginners is to master a good technique that works for them.

Some good water flosser tips from dentists in the UK include holding the flosser at 90-degree to get a precise shot on the teeth, starting from the back of the mouth and working the flosser to the front before focusing on the sides, and tracing the gum lines to remove bacteria, food and plaque between the teeth.

Best Water Flosser UK

Choosing the best water flossing machine might seem challenging as there are hundreds of popular water flossers in the market. Many consumers report the best water flosser to be the Waterpik flosser, while many favor the Phillipe water flosser.

An objective water flosser comparison between both brands reveals that while Waterpik and Phillipe's flossers offer effective results, they have a large build (even their cordless water flossers) and lack the space-saving features required for easy mobility. Plus, their large and complex build means beginners won’t find them easy to operate. If this is so, what then is the best water flosser?

Best Cordless Water Flosser

The best cordless water flosser is the Flossmo Water Flosser. The beauty of this water flossing device is that it is compact and space-saving, unlike Waterpiks and Phillipe water flossers. Their compact and minimalist design also makes them a good water flosser for beginners. Flossmo’s cordless water flosser reduces lingering bacteria in the mouth which can also help prevent gum disease and bleeding. Use it for 30 seconds daily, and you can reap amazing results.

Can Flossmo Remove Hard Plaque?


Flossmo Water flosser is specifically designed to remove plaque or hardened tartar that causes gum-related diseases. While Flossmo utilizes a less abrasive flossing function to ensure your gum doesn’t get inflamed or bleed, it comes equipped with a 360 ° rotatable nozzle tip that can comprehensively break down the hardened plaque on the teeth.

In addition, these unique nozzle tips can effectively get into hard-to-reach sockets that normal flossing string won't be able to clean and remove hardened plaque. So, whether you wear braces or have arthritis, Flossmo water flosser can easily flush leftover food particles that cause plaque buildup.

So, Is Water Flosser Worth It?
From our water flosser tips above, it's no doubt that investing in a water flosser will over more advantages than limitations. A water flossing machine will fight against bacteria, gum disease, and plaque and ensure you enjoy the best oral health. All you need to do is find a water flosser guide or watch a Water flosser tutorial to learn how the flossing machine works, and you can reduce the risk of plaques that may cause discomfort in social settings.