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“the American Dental Hygienists' Association recommends water flossing over string dental flossing. "

  • Perfect flossing everytime
  • Removes bateria lingering
  • reduce gum disease and bleeding
  • 30 seconds daily routine for a better teeth and breath

30-Day Guarantee: Flossmo offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee in case you don't fall in love with our product.

Deep Cleaning

Water flossers allow you to easily remove the plaque, food particles, and bacteria that get stuck in hard to reach places.

By being able to clean those often overlooked places you can reduce your chances of developing gingivitis or other gum-related diseases.


Water flossers are an excellent alternative for individuals with braces because the jet stream is able to easily clean around and behind the wires and flush out the leftover food particles that lead to plaque buildup.

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 What are some benefits of Water Flossers?

Water flossers are known to be more gentle in comparison to traditional string floss. They are less likely to cause bleeding and inflammation in the gums.

Along with this, water flossers are super important for those with braces as they can help get food and plaque that may be stuck under the wires. 

How often should I brush and use my water flosser?

You should brush twice a day and use the water flosser once a day. However, make sure you use the water flosser prior to brushing.

Can a Water Flosser effectively remove plaque?

Water flossers are very effective in that they are able to reach more deep sockets and remove plaque that may not be in reach for normal string floss. 

Should I use my water flosser before or after I brush my teeth?

We recommend that you use a water flosser before you brush your teeth. This aids in getting out debris that way when you brush, it enhances the effectiveness of the tooth brush.

How often should I replace the tips of my water flosser? 

It is recommended that you replace the tips of your water flossers every 6 months. This way the performance stays enhanced and the quality of the water flosser doesn’t go down. 

What pressure setting should I put my water flosser on? 

Though all the pressure settings are safe, it is recommended that you start with the lowest setting and work your way up based on comfort over time. 

Do you offer any warranty?

Yes! In case you don't fall in love with Flossmo, we offer a 30 days money back guarantee when you return it.

How long is the shipping?

Shipping typically takes 7-14 working days!

Just reach out to our friendly customer support team at support@flossmo.com and we will fix any issues! :)

3 Flossmo